Recipes by Band


Bonus Cup by Milo Aukerman - Decendents
Real Fucking Good Milkshake by Murray Acton - Dayglo Abortions
Tapache by Crazy Steve Goof - Bunchofuckingoofs
Ramos Fizz by East Bay Ray - Dead Kennedys

Snacks / Starters

Clams and Mussels Rampage by Randy Rampage - DOA
Chi Fried Frog Legs by Chi Pig - SNFU
Korean Chicken Wings by Ginger Coyote - White Trash Debutantes
The Mountain Wizard’s Ghoulash by Tony Foresta - Municipal Waste / Iron Reagan
Empanadas by Rene D'La Muerte - The Brains
Winter Vegetable Soup by Jock Blythe - GBH
Absolute Salsa by Willy Jak - Dayglo Abortions
Bruce’s Loose Nuts by Bruce Calderwood - Flipper
Buttermilk and Fried Cornbread by Jayne Country - Electric Chairs
Basil Garlic Dressing by D. H. Peligro - Dead Kennedys / Red Hot Chili Peppers
Guacamole by Dave Smalley - ALL / Dag Nasty / Down by Law
Gazpacho by Andy Shernoff - The Dictators
Big Boy Beans by Tim Kerr - The Big Boys
Gor-Gor Eggs by Balsac the Jaws of Death - GWAR

Main Dishes

Stuffed French Toast by Flash - Portrait of Poverty
Lemon Crepes by Paul Gott - The Ripcordz
Black Bowl by Chuck Dukowski - Black Flag
My Mom’s Potato Tacos by Rikk Agnew - Adolescents / Christian Death / D.I.
Stovetop Tuna Casserole by Texas Terri - Flesh Eaters
Livin & Lovin Avocado Salad by Dave Dictor - MDC
Zippy’s Sloppy Joe Sauce by Blaine Cook - The Accused
Grilled Cheese and Pepper by Tony Adolescent - Adolescents
Food Stamp Delight by Boom King - Boom and the Legion of Doom / The Idiots / Crucifix
Dog Bowl by Brandon Cruz - Dr. Know
Ramen Magnifico by Dexter Holland - The Offspring
Horse Cock Gumbo Poopa by Tesco Vee - The Meatmen
Metis Spaghetti by Doug Doughnut - Death Sentence
Dr. Roadkill’s Lasagna by Danny Thompson - Sloppy Seconds
Criminal Cajun Chicken and Hot Corn by Billy Hopeless - Black Halos
Bermondsey Joyrider Baked Bean Buster by Gary Lamin - Cock Sparrer
Mom’s Meatballs by Vinny Stigma - Agnostic Front
Jambalaya by Earl Liberty - Circle Jerks / Saccharine Trust
Thanksgiving or Christmas Roast Turkey by Steven Leckie & Viva Viletone - The Viletones
Eggplant Parmesan by Aldine Strychnine - Poison Idea
Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms by Shawn Stern - Youth Brigade
Steamed Artichoke by Paul Bakija - Reagan Youth
Chicken Fried Steak by Felix Griffin - DRI / Bat
Moroccan Honey Almond Chicken by Chris Kontos - Attitude Adjustment
Curried Goat by Mickey Desadist - Forgotton Rebels
Angry Sam Salmon by Greg Turner - Angry Samoans
Seitan Kebab with Chilli and Garlic Sauce by Kieran Plunkett - The Restarts
Red Chili by David Barbee - Red Chill / The Freeze
Rat Scabie Chili by Rat Scabies - The Damned
Jimmy’s Coleslaw by Jimmy Crucifix - Crucifix / Proudflesh
My God Damn Potato Salad by Scotty Wilkin - Verbal Abuse / Hollywood Hate
All-Purpose Marinade by Jesus Bonehead - Dayglo Abortions
Barbequed Yardbird by David Quinton Steinberg - Stiv Bators
Headstone BBQ Ribs by Hugh Dillon - Headstones / Hard Core Logo


Very Berry Pudding by Ray of Today - Youth of Today / Shelter
Vodka and Tangerine Jelly by Peter Bywaters - Peter & the Test Tube Babies
Deep Fried Twinkie by Dean Carls - The Mentors / General Bastard
Banana Cake by Drew Kietley - Random Killing
Death by Chocolate Cake by Terry 'Tez' Bones - Discharge / Broken Bones