Punk Rock Cookbook - Chaos in the Kitchen

Punk Rock Cook Book - Chaos in the Kitchen


I think the official job of upcoming musicians is dishwasher. I remember many fights for control of the kitchen’s stereo between the punks in the dish pit and the classic rock listening line cooks. Inevitably some of the dish pig punks got promoted to line cook... and so began my love of food and cooking as well as my hatred for most classic rock. I’ve worked in many kitchens since then: a four-star French restaurant, a Mexican place, flipping eggs at a super busy breakfast dive, etc.
I learned a little about food working in these places, then my friends and I started making the recipes in the “scarfing material” section of Thrasher magazine and we realized that it’s not always about pretentious fine dining, but more about how good it tastes and how stoked you get when you throw it together yourself.
Later on, playing in bands became a big part of my life. Touring and travel brought loads of eating in restaurants, gas stations and hotels, and a lot of crashing at other bands’ houses or squats. During those years I started collecting these recipes.

- Willy Jak

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